The Promise
  • True Confidant
    The fruits of our craftsmanship are cherished by customers and their generations, with whom we’ve built a bond of trust. We commit ourselves to reward them with the same trust that they have put in us.
    Every piece of our jewellery gleams with the brilliance of integrity, which is crafted with unmatched expertise. Years of experience have given us the status of a veteran. Yet, we don’t take this status for granted. Because we believe in making promises and keeping them, as every commitment to our customers is important to us. Discover our promises as we welcome you into our radiating world.
    The Purity:
    The purest gold is 24 Carat. Since pure gold is too soft to be able to be used for jewellery, it may be alloyed with other metals to produce purities less than 24 carat.
    We are very meticulous about purity and are very transparent with our dealings. Our jewellery is marked with its purity so that you are certain about your purchases.
    The Colour:
    A perfect combination of right metals derives various coloured jewellery. While there are around 6 colours of gold available, yellow gold, white gold and pink (rose) gold are the most popular and preferred colours in India.
    Pure and original jewellery come with hallmarking. Our jewellery bear the BIS hallmark, so you are assured of the purity of your purchases. The BIS hallmark is officially recognised to be accurate.
    Gold Care:
    Though gold is a durable metal, gold jewellery can get scratched or dented. It should be kept safe from any strenuous activity and therefore must be taken off in such cases.
    While dust, moisture, perspiration or makeup may affect its sheen, chemicals weaken the strength of the metal.
    Keep your jewellery clean by washing in lukewarm water and drying it with a soft cloth. You may even take it to a trusted jeweller for cleaning it. Also it is necessary to keep it in its right box, each jewellery wrapped separately.
    The Four Cs:
    The Four Cs – Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut – define the purity of diamonds. Purity is equally important for is as jewellery designs are. We focus on every aspect of the four Cs, so that each piece of jewellery is as precious as it appears to be. Know more about the four Cs:
    Carat – The weight of diamonds is measured in metric carats, where one carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams.
    Colour – Lesser the diamond is coloured, it is meant to be of more value.
    Cut – The cuts add charm to a diamond. The cuts make it faceted, complementing the brilliance of the precious stone.
    The ideal Cut
    The Four Cs:
    It's the cuts that magnify the design of our jewellery. The most used is the round brilliant diamond.
    The other fancy shapes are marquise, pear, oval, emerald, hearts, cushions, triangles and various others.
    Difference between a 'Certified Diamond' and 'Non-Certified Diamond'
    A Certified diamond is quality diamond that has been assessed by independent labs, such as GIA or IGI or HRD,
    which are recognised worldwide. While a Non-Certified Diamond may be of good quality but it has not been graded.
    And therefore, its quality cannot be ascertained by the buyer. Be assured of owning certified jewellery with any purchases from us.
    Diamond Care
    Even the toughest stone needs to be tended delicately. It is vulnerable to cracking or breakage when set in a jewellery set.
    Diamonds tend to lose their sparkle if exposed to sun, perfumes, chemicals, salt water and other harmful substances. Contact with such things must be avoided.
    In order to clean your diamond jewellery, wipe it with a soft cloth after each use. It needs to be stored separately in individual compartments in the jewellery box to avoid tangles and scratches.